August 03, 2020 3 min read

Now, more than ever, new and expectant mums can feel isolated and anxious.  They are faced with navigating the unfamiliar terrain of motherhood at a time when support groups are fragmented by border closures and travel restrictions. 

At a time like this, what better present is there to give to a new mum than confidence?  Confidence comes from knowing that you have the resources to meet each new stage of parenting head on.  This baby shower present guide features tools that will equip the new mum for each major parenting challenge, whether it be sleeping, eating, or toilet-training.

1. Baby Loves Sleep

When you boil it down, the three main activities of a baby are sleeping, feeding and pooping. Baby Loves Sleep has got the sleeping side of things all wrapped up (pardon the pun) with their gorgeous range of sleepwear for babies and kids. Our pick for the expectant mum is the original Sleepy Hugs sleep suit.  Its clever design is roomy enough for arm movement but with just enough resistance to keep that startle reflex from waking them.


2. Brushies finger puppet toothbrush

The two keys for success in dental hygiene with kids are to start young, and make it fun! Dentists advise to start brushing baby teeth as soon as they appear (which can be around 3 – 4 months for some babies). Brushies are a world first, a finger-puppet toothbrush in a range of fun colours and characters.  A lovely gift for a new mum is the Brushie and Book Set. The Brushies book helps bring a sense of play into the tooth-brushing routine, and when used with the fun Brushies, help set a new mum up for tooth-brushing success!



3. Babiators sunglasses for babies and kids

Getting out into the fresh air and sunshine is so important for new mums, and their little ones too! Babiators sunglasses for babies and kids offer 100% UV protection, helping new mums to feel confident that their little one's eyes are protected when they’re out and about. Plus, they come in a fun range of colours and styles.  


4. Bobo & Boo bamboo dinnerware for babies and kids

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow, and it’s not long before those squishy newborns are sitting up, and ready to start experimenting with food. And when they are, new mums can feel confident with Bobo&Boo’s range of bamboo dinnerware for babies and kids which are stylish, sustainable and free from any nasty toxins. The bamboo kids dinner set are a great gift idea, as they come with everything a new mum needs to start their child on a healthy food journey.  We also love the bamboo bento-style divided trays, which encourage little ones to try a variety of foods for a balanced and healthy diet.


5. Wee Pants toilet training pants

One of the overwhelming things about parenting is how quickly our children grow and change. It can often leave us feeling like we’re constantly playing catch-up. One of the stages that fill new mums with terror is toilet-training. Equipping a new mum with a set of Wee Pants toilet-training pants means that they will feel prepared to toilet-train without the stress and mess, when their child is ready.



Ultimately, what these products give to new mums is confidence, the confidence to meet each new stage of motherhood knowing that they have the tools they need to succeed.  And what better baby shower gift to give than that!

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