October 28, 2021 4 min read

Tips, tricks and tools for helping your baby sleep better

Nothing causes more angst for new mums and dads than baby’s sleep (or lack thereof) It continually raises the never-ending question, how do I get bub to sleep long enough? and sometimes you feel like you will never reach an answer.

There are so many different ideas out there, from putting baby on a strict schedule to responding to their every cry, but in the end, What’s right? Well, in the end, our advice is do what is right for you. No two babies are the same, especially when it comes to sleeping so let’s be honest, it’s an adventure to find the right routine, but with the right support, it can become a positive experience for both you and bub.



At Mum’s Toolbox, we have brought together many mums (and dads, and nanas) who have been where you are and want to share the tools we have developed to solve challenges that we faced as new parents.

Some of our tips:

  1. Learn to balance both your own and bubs needs; one cannot succeed without the other. Learn to look after yourself, and the rest will fall into place. 

  2. The most important thing to get baby calm is for you to be calm. Be aware of your thinking? What am I worried about? Be mindful of your feelings. Listen and attend to them. 

  3. Lying down with your baby is a great idea, or sitting in a comfy chair and holding them while they sleep. We now have scientific evidence to support this. It provides the child with the chemical oxytocin, but this works best if you are calm, so make it a place where and when that you can feel relaxed. Take something you enjoy doing (a book, a movie with headphones, take your phone for some "scrollin' time") with you so you can stay as long as you need.

  4. Make sure it is warm in winter, cool in summer. Be careful of what is in your baby’s room, for example bright colours and lights are great for a playroom but not for sleeping. 

  5. Talk to someone who will listen, really listen, not minimise or dismiss what you are feeling. Many of the feelings around a new baby are real and valid, but if you can’t switch them off, you need help to sort them out. 

One of our favourite tip’s is creating a great little nest for baby. Quality swaddles, wraps, sheets and quilts can mean all the difference to their sleep …. and yours. 

Here at Mum's Toolbox, Our Mumma designers that work with have come up with functional swaddles and sleepsuits, as well as simple, quality linens that feel and look incredible. And most importantly, help alleviate the stress of bedtime for you and your little one. 

One brand in particular is Burrow and Be. Not only do they offer a range of stylish clothes for your little one, but they offer a range of products to help your little one get to sleep. 

Burrow and Be provide families with a beautiful collection of sheets, rugs, and swaddles made from soft breathable organic cotton. 

Available in various soft colours, patterns and textures that help your baby relax, they are not only practical but beautifully designed for any space.  

Do you want to know what’s even better? Their goal to provide both ethically andsustainably made products ensures they are keeping the environmental footprint to a minimum while providing the highest quality organic materials, safe for both baby’s skin and the future of the planet. Some of our favourite sleep time helpers (that we also stock) are:

Florence Stretchy Swaddle

Available in blush meadow and grey, these swaddles are perfect for softly restraining bub enough to feel secure and not be woken by startled responses during their sleep cycle. Made from 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5% elastine, they offer softness and comfort for your little one during sleep time.

Baby Sleep Gown-Almond Burrowers

Burrow and Be have designed the baby sleep gown for easy changing, with domes down the centre front for easy over the head changing and a knot that can be untied at the base for quick and easy nappy changing. Available in sizes 0-3 and 3-6, it’s the perfect product to help during those early days of sleep training. Made from 95% GOTS Certified organic cotton and 5% elastane these sleep gowns are super soft with the perfect stretch to help keep their shape.

Essentials Sleep Suit-Blush Meadow

The all in one easy access baby outfit with attached feet is made to keep your little one warm, while offering comfort during sleep time. Available in sizes from 0- 18 months and colours blush Meadow, Almond and Grey there's the perfect fit a colour to help you with sleep time.



So, If you need help with bubs sleeping, check out some of our amazing Mumma brands like Burrow and Be and some of our other amazing products today. 


View our favourite sleep time tools !

Zip Suit Short Sleeve
Cot Quilt/Floor Mat
Muslin Bunny Comforter


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