April 03, 2019 3 min read

Well, we've all heard that plastics are bad and we shouldn't be eating from it, let alone our kids. But what about Melamine? What about Bamboo? I think we stick to the plastic options most of the time because the information about other options is just too overwhelming and confusing.

So we stick with plastic, because it is cheap and doesn't break, but all the time feel vaguely uneasy that we may be doing something that might one day harm our kid's health.

I am not sure about you, but this Mumma doesn't have time to scour through pages and pages of info on melamine, BPA, resins and compounds. What the? You lost me at compounds. I heard myself saying out loud "Just give it to me simple so I can make a quick educated choice". I have a child vying for my attention for afternoon tea. 

Well, here's the Mums Toolbox break down for you.



We know plastic has harsh chemicals and is not biodegradable. This means that there is the possibility of toxins leaching into food and that plate will still exist in 100 years. Unless it is marked dishwasher safe (very few are) you have to wash the thing by hand. Who has time for that? Plastic may be the cheapest option but cheap clearly comes at a cost.


Melamine plate

Onto the subject of Melamine plates. To put it simply - it's just a harder plastic. It still has the harsh chemicals, it's not biodegradable, the leaching toxins issue doesn't really go away, it will still be here in 100 years and unless specified you can't use it in the dishwasher either. 

So why all the fuss about Melamine plates? Why are people googling it and buying it?

Essentially Melamine is plastic's prettier older sister. The harder consistency means it can be molded into items that are styled to look like ceramic plates and bowls. Looks pretty, but it doesn't break.  But in essence ,and from a health and biodegradable perspective, it is still plastic.


Bamboo dinnerware

So let's look at Bamboo.

Firstly its BPA free (another name for a dodgy chemical), Phthalates free (yet another dodgy chemical) and toxin free. Hallelujah!

It's biodegradable!! That's a heck yes for the planet and your kids will thank you in the future.

And guess what, some types are even dishwasher safe. That's a triple bonus for any mum. 

With new technology Bamboo products have now become more accessible so therefore lower in cost. 


So as far as these Mummas are concerned it is the hands down winner.

Have we cut through the confusion for you? Made it easier for you to make the best choices for you and your family when it comes to all things dinnerware that's child friendly?


The Kids Dinnerware Tool we recommend

All that being said, we would love to introduce you to our Mumma-designed bobo&boo bamboo dinnerware. This simply lovely range of bamboo plates cups, bowls and dinner sets are what we use in our home.

Things we like about bobo&boo dinnerware:

  • It's bamboo
  • It is light weight and durable
  • It comes in a gorgeous, simple colour palate. No cutsie designs that your kids will grow out of over time
  • It's dishwasher safe
  • the pieces are designed so you can add a little at a time or purchase a whole lot at once

Quite honestly, when I head to the drawer for a bowl to eat out of, I even lean towards our bobo&boo bamboo bowls instead of a ceramic one. I love the colours, how light they are and they are just the right size.


Our hot Mumma tips for purchasing bobo&boo

If you are looking to try bamboo, need a gift, or simply just want one or two sets for your little fam, the kids bamboo dinnersets are the go.

If you want to get bamboo cranking in your home the best value is to buy one of each of the plates, cups and bowls sets.

The snack bowls are the perfect size for serving for little tummies, with handy flaps for holding.

And last but not least the Divided Plates are that bento-style dinnertime winner and you can just buy those individually.


Shop the full bobo&boo bamboo dinnerware range

bobo&boo bamboo dinnerware for children

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