Say goodbye to chemical laden plastic, water filled teething toys.  

Featuring a solid yet flexible body made of our 100% non-toxic, super soft silicone, our Elephant teether is perfectly designed for little hands and mouths. 

A cut out centre, hooked trunk and bumpy legs create points of interest for your baby to explore and chew on, whilst pain relieving bumps on the back give extra relief to sore gums.

For added relief when teething is super tough, pop your silicone teether in the freezer before giving it to your baby. 

We’ve intentionally created our designs without holes for moisture and other nasties to hide in, so you can feel confident simply washing in warm water or popping in the top draw of your dishwasher.  No need for complicated sterilisation. 

Available in four fun colours. 


Your baby's safety is important to us.  Please ensure you watch your baby whilst using our products and discard at any sign of damage or wear.  All our teethers have been independently tested to comply with Australian Mandatory Toy Safety Standards (AS/NZ8124). 

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