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The  Mumma behind bobo&boo - Naomi



Naomi is a wife and a busy mum to two little boys. She is also the amazing Mumma behind the bobo&boo bamboo eco-friendly dinnerware.  She calls Australia’s Gold Coast home, and is a beach wanderer at heart.  If it involves sun, surf, camping or adventure, you can be sure Naomi will be amongst it!

She is also a passionate planet lover and after the birth of her first child, she went into protective mama bear and wanted to minimize the toxins her little one came into contact with. The only affordable options were all made from unhealthy and unsustainable plastic.

One day, the idea hit her:  What if she could create quality, eco-friendly children’s dishes that were also stylish, functional and  affordable?

And so, bobo&boo was born.

Launched from her kitchen, bobo&boo has evolved into a global brand that works to make sustainable, stylish choices affordable. Bobo&boo products can be found on dining tables all around the world, from North America to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. 

We absolutely love our bobo&boo products and are very proud to stock them.

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The Mumma behind Burrow and Be - Catherine


“Burrow & Be is all about stylish, sleek, contemporary kids bed linen, baby blankets and swaddles.

Burrow & Be was established in 2013. With the love of interiors and design and the inspiration of my two children the idea of designing and screen-printing bed linen and soft furnishings for kids was an exciting prospect. I have a Bachelor of Design and over the years my passion for interiors and fabric design have grown. I worked as a screen printer many years ago and for the past 10 years have worked as a graphic designer.

I design my patterns and prints in my studio in Auckland, New Zealand, and work closely with our offshore factories to make sure the quality is high, and our environmental standards are high.

We only print with nontoxic water-based inks, and we make sure our factories have good waste management facilities when dying and printing.

Over the years I have worked with other talented NZ artists to bring a variety of design styles to our ranges. Through these collaborations I have an idea and work with these artists to bring my vision to life.” 

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The parents behind Babiators - Molly & Tom, Carolyn & Matthew


One hot sunny day, at a military airshow in South Carolina, Molly Fienning noticed something.   

She noticed that the children were all struggling to see properly at an air show. Meanwhile, the pilots were comfortable and stylish in their protective aviator sunglasses.  Her kids were squinting up into the sun with their young eyes unprotected from UV damage and glare. Molly realized that there was a need for safe, stylish and durable children's glasses and she shared her thoughts with her husband Tom, a Marine Corps fighter pilot.  Tom said, “Let’s make them, and call them Babiators!’

They teamed up with longtime friends Carolyn and Matthew Guard, and launched Babiators in 2011, working from their kitchen tables.  

Today, the Babiators range of safe, stylish and durable sunglasses are protecting children in over 30 countries from UV damage, giving them the freedom to tackle whatever adventures come their way.

We love the Babiators range and their even better with their lost and broken guarantee. Stoking them on Mums toolbox was a no brainer.

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The Mumma behind Little Woods - Jade

Before Jade became a mum, she knew she wanted to provide her children with healthy and nutritious food. As a Nutrition Teacher, her Pinterest board and Instagram feed was filled with images of healthy snack plates, elaborate food art and lists of healthy dinner ideas.

Then life happened!

Add a new baby, a busy day at work, a fussy eater and suddenly you’ve got a mealtime battlezone on your hands. Turns out having young children doesn’t leave a lot of time for making food fun.

The Little Woods range of silicone tableware was born when Jade started looking for a way she could easily and simply give her newly independent eater a range of healthy foods.

She searched high and low for a product her daughter could safely manage on her own but also satisfied her own needs. No-tox and practical.

She set about designing a product made of the highest grade silicone, that would go from microwave or oven to table, without burning little fingers or leaving food unevenly heated. Could be thrown in the dishwasher and not crack or discolour. And easily stacked in our kitchen drawers, that were already burgeoning with unused baby bowls and plates!

Little Woods has come a long way since then, but their purpose remains unchanged; to provide families with an easy to use & safe alternative to standard toddler tableware.

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The Mummas behind Brushies - Hilary and Colleen


Hilary, a mumma of two and a family dentist, felt that something was very wrong.

Day after day, week after week,  a procession of children with serious dental problems would file through her clinic.  Imagine what it would be like to pull a four-year-old's tooth out!  Not only that, but her heart broke to see parents feel like they'd failed their kids.

Feeling that something was very wrong with the traditional approach, one day, she had an epiphany. After battling with her toddler to try to get him to brush his teeth, she watched in fascination as he happily chewed on a finger puppet.

This was her lightbulb moment.

Together with her good friend Colleen, a clinical psychologist, guest lecturer and mum to three little ones, she's passionate about giving families the tools they need to overcome life's obstacles. Together they created the world's first finger-puppet toothbrush - the Brushie.  

This simple yet revolutionary idea has completely transformed how families approach brushing.  

The Brushies come in a range of fun, colourful characters.  They are made from 100% food-grade silicone, and are certified non-toxic and nasty free (BPA, latex and phthalate free).  Plus, they are sterilisable, and, wait for it, DISHWASHER SAFE! 

We would also like to say that Mums Toolbox is the exclusive Australian stockist for this awesome product. Thats a win for you and us!

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