Babycup First Cups

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Babycup First Cups encourage fine motor skills and promotes healthy sipping, and offers an easy transition to solid feeding. They are made from polypropylene with hospital grade standards. The Babycup First Cups are both dishwasher and steam steriliser safe and they won't hold onto any nasty mould like valve or straw style sippy cups can hide. 

Babycups are ideal for baby led weaning, be it transitioning from breast or bottle to cup, or weaning off the sippy cup. The multi-award winning mini open cup recommended by health experts including dentists, orthodontists and health visitors for babies and young children aged 0-36 months. Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings, parents, or caregivers

Babycups are useful for newborns as an alternative to bottle feeding due to number of different scenarios such as tongue-tie, cleft, bottle refusal, or for feeding expressed milk. The cups are a safe solution for milk feeding to premature or term newborn babies.

Dentists recommend children drink from a cup by their first birthday to help prevent tooth decay. Open drinking cups allow your child to sip rather than suck, aiding in healthy dental, jaw, and facial development.

Designed by a mum, loved by little ones, recommended by health experts.


  • Superb age range – For 0 - 2.5 years+

  • 4m+ Sipping: for introducing small sips

  • 6m+ Weaning: ideal first cup for drinking at weaning time 6m+,

  • Infants: Also suitable for cup-feeding infants – can be used to cup-feed expressed milk, avoiding the need for teats and bottles (please discuss with your healthcare professional) and for helping with milk-feeding during feeding challenges such as tongue tie, cleft or latch problems.

  • Multi award-winning including Made for Mums, Prima Baby & Pregnancy Best First Cup, Junior Design Awards Best Baby Feeding Product, Janey Lee Grace WINNER Best Baby Product

  • Encourages sipping. Mini open cups; 5.2cm tall; capacity 50ml.

  • Pack contains 4 cups.

  • Proper cup design to help little hands learn the ‘put down’ action without the juddering that can come from non-slip or grippy bases.

  • Non-toxic, BPA free, phthalates free; durable;

  • Easy to clean – nowhere for germs to hide

  • Dishwasher safe; steam steriliser safe.

  • Made  in the UK

  • Thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists for dental health and jaw development

  • Infant weaning cups; also suitable for milk feeding premature or term newborn babies

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