Getting out of the house with confidence while Toilet Training

February 11, 2019

Getting out of the house with confidence while Toilet Training

So, you have thought about Toilet Training, or even got a start on it, but the biggest struggle is what to do when you head out, leave the safe confines of home.

Home is where all the good clean products are for cleaning up those little accidents. Home is where there is an absence of serious embarrassment caused by that puddle left on the floor.

And staying home until you little treasure is completely and utterly accident proof just ain’t no option for any sane parent. You need to get OUT of the house or everyone will be climbing the walls (and you will have zero hair left). You need to go to work and little people need to go to day care. And groceries are kind of a necessity.

But how can you survive an outing without reverting to nappies and causing serious setback to your dream of a nappy free bottom.

Oh I hear you! After all I lived through every parent’s toilet training nightmare.

My mostly-toilet-trained little treasure managed to create a small wee waterfall from the top of the indoor play centre’s jungle gym that other unsuspecting kids climbed through before I was able to get “the situation” under control.

For the rest of the time at the play centre I listened to the other parents wondering who that parent was. I felt terrible. Maybe I should have put her back in a nappy?!

Toilet Training doesn't need to be scary or hard

Introducing our amazing "Toilet Training Mumma" - Laura Morley

Laura is parenting coach and qualified teacher and she is super keen to help you to achieve your dream of a nappy free toddler.

Over the past nine years Laura has held numerous workshops and private coaching sessions on how to toilet train. She even wrote a book, Potty Talk, all about it! Helping parents and kids reach this nappy free milestone with less mess and stress is totally her jam.

Laura’s latest creation was designed you give you the confidence to get out and about with your little treasure while they are toilet training.

Give your toilet training child Big Kid Confidence and Wee Pants

Wee Pants are designed so that you do not need to use nappies to have an accident free outing, or when they go to daycare. They look and feel just like nice soft undies, but they have just enough absorbency and waterproof lining to avoid the dreaded floor puddle. Your little treasure will feel the dampness on their skin, but not leave a mess to clean up.

So how do Wee Pants work?

I’m so glad you asked! Watch Laura demonstrate the Wee Pants in her video below!

I know, I know! Puddles aren’t the only thing you are worries about.

You do not want to be scrubbing poo out of undies. We have you covered there too.

Disposable Bamboo linerslet the wees pass through but capture the solids, so you simply gather up the liner and deposit the poo in the toilet. The liner can then be binned.

So for the perfect Toilet Training outing toolbox we recommend:

a pair of Wee Pants

disposable bamboo liners

a change of clothes

and a wetbag that is waterproof, to take any accident clothes and pants home

And voilà! You are set to leave the house again! Hurrah!!

Happy Wee Pants Customer says ....

Thank you for designing an amazing product! I loved the Wee Pants due to the flexibility of use – our day could continue as usual yesterday, and I was not stressing about accidents that would require a whole change of clothes.
Before lunch we had an accident, but it was so nice to only have to wash the pants. and not his whole outfit. I washed them, hung them on the line to dry, and they were back on mid afternoon.

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