April 01, 2020 3 min read

Have you ever wished that you had more time in the week? Time to do more than just the daily grind?

Well, self-isolation could be just the opportunity!

How strange that being confined to our houses can create actually create a kind of freedom – a freedom to be the parents we’ve always wanted to be, but never quite had the time to be.

Imagine coming out of self-isolation feeling that you have invested time not wasted it. To turn self-isolation into something positive for you and your family, we highly recommend having a goal. Perhaps you’d like to come out of self-isolation with a toilet-trained toddler, an edible garden, or having taught a few key chores to your primary school-aged child.

Below, we’ve listed a few goals you might like to aim for during your self-isolation.  Use these ideas with our schedule planner and #schedulefillers to thrive during these times of change.

1. Toilet Train Your Toddler

What better time to tackle toilet-training your toddler than when you’re in self-isolation? You can give it the focused attention that this sort of project needs, you don’t have to worry about your toddler having an accident when you’re out and about, plus no more worries about running out of nappies! For everything you need to completely smash toilet-training out of the park, head over to the toilet-training page on Mum’s Tool Box. You’ll find toilet-training tips, readiness checklist, plus the resources you need to make toilet-training hassle-free!

Shop Toilet Training

2. Prepare Your Pre-Schooler For School

A hot topic for parents whose children are beginning school next year, there’s actually a lot that you can do at home to help your child experience success at school.  The challenges are knowing what to do, and finding time to do it.  Well, self isolation takes care of the second challenge, and our School Readiness Kits take care of the first! 

Our Busy Little Brain School Readiness Boxes, designed by an experienced Australian primary school teacher, contain everything you need to give your child a confident start to schooling. The only thing you'll need is a pair of scissors!  Best of all, these kits will be delivered straight to your door. Take a look over on our Learning Page.


3. Complete a project together

Embarking on a shared project has so many benefits. The self-directed learning opportunities, plus the quality time spent together, equals a rich investment in your child’s future. Here are a few ideas of some projects that you might like to work on with your children:

  • Create an edible garden - autumn is a good time to plant sugar-snap peas, kale and winter herbs.
  • Build a chook run, or a cubby together.
  • Learn a new language together.
  • Put on a musical or theatrical show together – including scripts, rehearsals, costumes, set, lighting, the whole kit and kaboodle! Film the finished product, and share with friends and family electronically.


4. Teach them a life skill

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom!  What skill could you pass onto your children during self-isolation?  Perhaps this extra time together means that you can really focus on teaching your young child to tie their shoes, or your older kid to check the oil in the car or mow the lawn.  Children of any age will love learning to cook a few key recipes.  Older children can take the responsibility for cooking dinner one night a week.  They'll be getting literacy and numeracy practice, plus, you get a night off! (Side tip: Try ordering some Hello Fresh kits to help your children learn to cook).  Put the finished product on some beautiful  dinnerware, and they will feel so very proud of themselves!


kids dinnerware

Word to the wise, keep it simple. Don’t overload your kids’ time, but let it be an opportunity to explore some mutual interests together. Let us know what you and your family have got planned for your time together!

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