Ready, Set, Toilet Train – Day 3

November 16, 2018 3 min read

Scrubbing poop out of undies and wee puddles on the floor are right up there with some of the biggest fears to do with toilet training.

Just out of interest I did a survey to discover the biggest toilet training fears out there. Here is what I found…
*insert fanfare here and a little drumroll for good measure**

Top Fears Were:

  • Wee accidents in car seats
  • Wee accidents at a friend’s house
  • Poo accidents while out shopping

Accidents, whether out and about or at home, are inevitable. There are very few kids who never have a wee or poo accident.

And when things are becoming exhausting it is easy to slip back into using nappies again. Or maybe you are tempted to use them just for adventures outside the home. Or maybe you are just taking one “just in case”.

The trouble with this is it sends a message to our littlies that they can’t be trusted or if things become too difficult the “nappy safety net” is always available.

I know you may be thinking. It’s all well and good for me to say but what are you supposed to do about your kid weeing on the carpet at every single playdate for a week? People are going to stop inviting you over (they won’t, but it feels that way!) How are you going to send them to daycare without the wee accidents.

Well…don’t worry

Introducing Wee Pants toilet training pants. Essentially they look and feel like underwear but they are more absorbent. Wee pants are a bit of a parent sanity saver. Wee Pants are designed to absorb a little accident, giving your child time to run to the toilet and finish their wees; to avoid a puddle on the floor.

So how are these different than just using disposables? GREAT question.

Disposable nappies are mega absorbent, pulling all the moisture away from the child’s skin so they don’t feel wet. Wee Pants will actually feel wet on your child. This way they will realise right away that there is wetness and prompt that thought of “oh I should go to the toilet”.

We recommend three pairs of these as a starter for your toolkit. There are a range of designs and sizing from 2-4.


Today’s task – Potty Practice

Pop some undies or Wee Pants on your littlie, at home for 1-2 hours each day and start a few potty practice exercises. Older kids might prefer starting straight away with the loo.

  1. When you go to the loo, and your child follows; get them to sit on the potty
  2. Pop them on the potty while the bath is running in the evening. The noise of the water may help them go.
  3. Let all of your child’s little toy friends have a go on the potty. Kids love nothing more than a bit of role play. The wee wee dolls are a particularly fun game. You feed the doll water and it does a wee.
  4. Put a Weepals sticker (hyper link) at the bottom of the potty and watch the character appear as soon as wee hits it.

Shop the get-out-of-the-house-while-Toilet-Training Collection

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